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Why I use Instagram for business growth
Episode 6127th March 2023 • Unapologetically Unstoppable • Jeanette Peterson
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Does Instagram for business in 2023 work? Regardless of what people say about the platform and the algorithm, you can make any platform work in your favor. In this episode, Jeanette will tell you three important reasons why she uses Instagram for her business, and why you should too.

Perhaps you have heard that you should be where your audience is, but what if your audience is where YOU are? Have you thought about it? 

What if the place where you have fun, where you have friends, and where you create content with ease is the place where you can find your raving fans? 

Marketing and growing a business is a task in and of itself, for that reason you will be better off working towards it in a place where you like to hang out, otherwise it might not work for you. If it does, you are at risk of burnout and that won't be sustainable. 

In this episode:

  • Having and making friends on social media
  • Making real connections and building your network.
  • Why Jeanette uses Instagram, and why you should choose your favorite social media platform.

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Connect on the grams


Hey girl, hey, do you use Instagram? Because if you don't, you should go I love it. I was just gonna tell you three quick reasons why I love Instagram and why I use it for business. Number one, the number one reason I use Instagram is because my friends are there. My friends are there. We're not really the Facebook guys, we're more like, on Instagram and sending people DMS of all the funny things. We've got group chats. I've got DMS going all the time. I just love Instagram. And I love the stories I might not post in my feed every day. But I will show up every day in some form or fashion on Instagram. I might send some encouraging words, I might show my face show where kids are doing something like that. It's not like I'm just sitting there on Instagram scrolling all day. No, I'm active. I'm an active participant on Instagram. I can't say that about the other other platforms. I don't have a tick tock. I don't tweet. Facebook is just for like groups and old people, which is fine. But I'm not there. Me and my friends were on the grams. So I figure that if I'm on the grams, and my friends are on the grams, my potential clients are on the grams, which is number two, I get to meet like real people and make real connections on Instagram. I noticed we were like, I can't make any friends on Instagram. Everybody's so fake. Everybody's just bought and blah, blah, blah. No, I can make real connections with real people on Instagram. It normally involves me sending out a voice memo. But you know, I can do that. I can send out a voice memo. And it's almost something like Hey, girl, I love your whatever they're doing. I love your like this one girl that I just met her. We are now friends. She does baking in her RV. I think that's amazing, right? I like to bake as a hobby Baker. But I don't have an RV. And I don't think I could ever live in an RV because of the amount of space but I'm just like, so enthralled with other cultures and other ways of living. Like don't even get me started on Dance Moms or Sister Wives like it's just a thing. Okay. So like, I'll be watching. And I'm like, Oh, wow, she's like making this thing. And she's got all these kids. And she's writing a book. And I'm just so like, flabbergasted by her. I think she's so cool. And we started talking about books and writing and what she's doing and I might meet her up at a conference. Like this is a person that I just met on Instagram. Like I like her, she's cool. We DM sometimes. That's why I like Instagram. And you know, maybe she becomes a client. Maybe she doesn't. But that's not why I became her friend, I became her friend because I thought she was cool. So if I'm on Instagram, hanging out with other ba women on Instagram, they might know somebody that knows somebody that might need my services. And I might know somebody that knows somebody that might want to read her book. And that's just who I am. As a person. I don't need to get anything out of it. Everything I need. Jesus gives me right, that's all I need. I don't need anything else. Everything else is just icing on top. It's great. So number three, the third reason that I am on Instagram is because I'm kind of old dumb, that's easy, okay, it's easy for me. I can do a real, I can do a an image, I can have somebody else do images. For me, I don't have to put a whole bunch of work into it. It feels like it doesn't feel like work. It feels like a fun place. So if you're somewhere on the internet, I don't care where you are. If you're on Twitter, and it feels fun to you be there, be there if it feels like work. That is not the social platform for you. It's just not. So Facebook groups right now feel like work. And I don't want to be in a Facebook group. For me, I'm not gonna make one. I mean, I kind of made one that's that's a bit BTS behind the scenes kind of talk. But anyways, I don't want to have a Facebook group that I have to maintain. I don't at one point, I was thinking about having a Slack group. But again, you have to maintain it, you have to get it going before it just takes off and runs itself. So that's why I'm going to scram because it doesn't feel like work. So the main point of this is to say wherever you're at, make real relationships, real connections, all those things with people. LinkedIn right now is poppin for some reason, I didn't think it was and then I got I started talking to these other ladies and they're on LinkedIn and they just are popping off for me, in my opinion. I don't know. Maybe those aren't your friends but I'm just saying wherever you're at make real true blue connections. And just do it for the friends or something like that. Because when people expect you to be selling something to them 24/7 Then they already have their blinders up. They're already like, Alright, I'm not very good salesperson anyways, because that's not how I sell, I'm not gonna try and convince you, you need something, either you want it or you don't. And that's on you

so when you are selling something, and you're coming out genuine like, Hey, I just literally just want to help you because this is something that I have. That's a whole different vibe than, hey, I need you to buy this $500 thing, because it's gonna be awesome, you should do it, and bla bla bla, and give him his whole spiel. Oh, I want to know you as a friend and see if I could help you. Maybe my services will help you. Maybe they won't. But you know what? I'll never know if I don't ask you as a friend first. Hey, Jeanette, difficut, those DMS? Hey, Jeanette, do you want to get the blue check verified, all you have to do is give me $1,500 And your firstborn. And then you'll get the blue check verified from like this account that has zero followers because it's totally bought, like, come on. No, I don't want that from you. I don't trust you. I don't even know you know, but I will buy something for my friends. I love spending money with my friends. Actually. Once I get to know somebody, I'm 99% more likely to buy something from them. I have bought things from people I don't know before. But I stalked them first. I did, I did sock them first. But once I meet somebody, I'm like, Oh, now they're cool. I get the vibe. I get the vibe of like, oh, yeah, they're genuine. And they really want this, or no, they're disingenuous, and they're going to be fake. So when you start talking to people in the DMS, when they hear your voice, when they see you on reels when they see you in stories, that's when they get to know you. That's when I get to know my friend. I met this girl, I thought she was cool. And those are watching her stories. And I was like, Oh, she is not cool. Let's not talk ever again. Because I saw what she was reposting and talking about and trying to uplift, which was not my jam. I was like, Oh, I'm not I'm not like that noodle out there for me. I'm out. Don't do that. But once you start to see what type of people you're following, and you like, Look, I know you might not even want to be on Facebook or Instagram because the Chinese or the Russians are the whatever's the look, I just unfollow people that I don't like I just say stop showing me this ad if it's an ad that something that I don't want to see, I curate my own reality. I make my reality mine. I don't have to just be a victim of what the machine is going to show me. No, I take an active participation. I am very intentional about what I let into my mind and around me and my surroundings. So when I'm on these platforms, I teach it what to show me by what I like, how often I'm sitting on somebody's stuff. My sister Alexis, show me like she likes to send me all these trashy reels. And so now I get fed all these trashy reels. So I stopped clicking on them. I started deleting them. I'm like, I'm not gonna see these trashy reels. This is not my jam. I don't want to see this. She's like, Oh, it's not funny. No, it's not. It's not funny at all. It's stupid. I don't see this. So I just stopped opening them. And guess what? My Instagram course corrected to what I actually want to see. Right now. It's full of Jesus to be honest with you. Jesus reels, copy funnels, business women. That's it. That's pretty much it because I taught it what I want to see it so I only see what I want to see. And you could do that for any platform. I want you to know that. But that is why I'm on the on the ground. It's easy for me I can do it is not that complicated for me. I love it. My friends are there. I get a giggle, and I don't feel addicted to it. I don't feel like I can't just be there. I couldn't be there for a few minutes and be off with Instagram. I feel like I'm sucked in hate that. I don't like that feeling. So I go there less. But anyways, but anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day. And I'll see you on the grams