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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 58, 16th November 2020
Who Speaks For The Trees with Rick Friedman of the A Breath of Fresh Earth Podcast
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Who Speaks For The Trees with Rick Friedman of the A Breath of Fresh Earth Podcast

Do you believe a single moment can bring about significant change?

In today’s episode with Rick Friedman, he shares how finding a simple book sparked a passion for bringing a voice to climate change and the issues facing our planet. 

Many CausePods are born from a single moment of inspiration where a few months in the rearview mirror, you can easily say that was a great 90-degree turn in a new direction, and it was a simple moment that started it.

The Breath of Fresh Earth podcast brings a creative format to his podcast to keep people engaged in the episode. 

Creating a podcast that takes full use of the production process to create something unique each time is a technique that is often overlooked. 

Like the book that influenced Rick, he hopes the episode sparks a listener to see climate change a little bit differently.       

Key Topics:

  • How did Rick settle on a particular format, and where did the idea for the show come from (1:30)
  • How does he use his podcast to highlight the work that has already been done for climate change (4:04)
  • Why does climate change get a bad wrap (8:36)
  • Where did he first get into the fight against climate change (10:51)
  • What lessons did Rick learn while launching the show (12:50)
  • What is the biggest lesson for Rick trying to grow his podcast during uncertain times (14:21)
  • What does the Climate Reality Project do (15:55)
  • What advice does Rick have for someone looking to start a Cause based Podcast (18:27)

Website link: https://abreathoffreshearth.captivate.fm/

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Charity Name: The Climate Reality Project

Charity Website: https://www.climaterealityproject.org/donate/donate-climate-reality-project?utm_segment=GeneralWebHomepageButton

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