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How to use your energy to create the success you deserve with Emily K Thomas
Episode 2585th September 2022 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Emily K Thomas, an energetic advisor, podcaster, blogger and educator!   Emily helps people to be more in line with themselves, and her mission is to help you remember your soul's calling. She loves the deep soul work of energetics and helping people to live an aligned life, especially creative entrepreneurs.   This episode pushes the ‘woo’ boundaries, but I really encourage you to listen to this, even if you're a bit skeptical about things like energies, alignment and souls purpose, because throughout the interview I ask lots of questions for the same reason – but we had such a lovely conversation and I think you’ll get a lot from it!  


  • How different opportunities start showing up for you, when you start showing up differently in your business
  • Why you need to look for the subtle signs that are telling you that you are misaligned
  • How to discover your true energetic DNA and make empowered patterns of choice
  • How understanding your energies can help you outsource more successfully
  • Why you are an exact energetic match for your current circumstances
  • Why your energy is subjective, and even people with the same energies, will experience it in individualised ways
  • Our businesses are an energetic extension of us, so it's extremely important that our products and services, our marketing, our sales, and our systems are at the same vibrational frequency of what we want to create.


Even if you’re a sceptic, if some of the tips and advice you take from this episode make you feel a little bit nicer, then that’s all that matters!


  • What energetic DNA is and how to utilise it in your business to be successful
  • How to raise your energy and vibrations when self-doubt sets in
  • The chance to get a free mini session with Emily!


Emily K Thomas Website and Quiz Emily K Thomas Instagram  


Hello, and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. So as if I planned it this way, which I can assure you, I am not that organized. I was just back recording and I've just recorded the last week's episode. And this next week's episode, this next week's, as in today's episode fits really, really well, which I didn't intend it to do that.

How odd that it has, but how perfect. So last week we were talking all about values and why you need to know your values. We talked about heart centered businesses and coming from what makes you happy and your passion and your purpose and making sure you have a business around not making sure you have a business around that or how you have a business around it.

And this week I've got an interview with Emily K Thomas, who is a, I'm just gonna pick her like her proper bio and read what it says. She's an energetic advisor, podcaster, blogger, educator. And basically she helps people to be more in line with themselves and to her mission is to help you remember your soul's calling and my heart center.

I'm a girl who loves deep soul work of energetics and healing people to live an aligned life, especially creative entrepreneurs. And. I just thought this was really interesting because actually some of this is really going to fit with what I said last week. But what I find most fascinating about this kind of accidental matchup is last week, we talked very practically about how to find out what your values are, looking at, how your values fit in with what you do as a business.

And this week we're pushing the woo boundary a little bit. So, you know, I am, I love a bit of the woo. Really do. I'm also very conscious of how much of that we share on here, because I know that's not everyone's bag. And I like to come at it from a place of almost devil's advocate. I almost like to bring it along because I like it.

But at the same time, I question it and I question it for those of you who aren't keen, or this isn't necessarily your bag. So I really encourage you to listen to this, even if you're thinking, mm, like talking about energies and alignment and soul's purpose, all this sort of thing might not be your thing. I'd still really like you to give it a go.

Because like I said, there are some questions where I go, but really. And do you think, and how is that true? And so I do try and question it for my own sake, but like I said, also for the sakes of, of those of you who are not as, you know, not feeling it as much as maybe I do on occasions. And there's still a huge skeptic in me in certain things.

But then there's other things that I just think, well, what's the harm, you know, if it doesn't hurt anybody, what's the harm. So like I said, I've got lovely Emily on it was a really lovely conversation. She has a beautiful voice. She's also stunning, you know, one of these people that you think you've just got everything, you've literally got everything.

She, her Instagram is like, Just picture perfect life. I'm positive her life is not that perfect all the time. I can only hope that that's the case, cuz it really does look Instagram perfect. She's beautiful. Her husband's gorgeous. Her kids are stunning and she's just a really nice person. So I think you're really gonna like her.

And it's a really interesting conversation. So I will let you take a listen to the lovely Emily and I can't wait to hear what you think.

So I am really excited today to welcome to the podcast Emily Thomas. Emily, how are you doing?

Emily: I'm doing so well. It's so great to connect with you finally. And we've tried to make this work a couple of times and I'm just so, so honored to be here and to share this work with your community. It's so exciting.

Teresa: Oh, I am. I am very excited and it like, we've had to rearrange mostly my fault a couple of times I feel dreadful about. But it. You know, it happened and that's the main thing. So, and you are here and you're talking to my audience, which I love. So Emily, we always start the same way in terms of you telling my audience who you are and what you do and how you kind of got into doing what you do.

Emily: Yeah. And, oh my gosh, that's a loaded question, cuz I could go in so many different angles, but I'll just keep it brief because I like to imagine that I'm talking to a, my daughter, right? My, my three and a half year old daughter, when I'm explaining what I do so that it makes most sense. So basically what I do is I read energy.

I help people understand where their current vibration is and where they need to go. And then I help them shift vibrationally through different patterns of choice. OK. So what does that mean?

Teresa: Yep.

Emily: Well, to me, I. Have you ever met that person in business that is like doing it all that has, has created the funnel that has created the, the email sequences and is, you know, appearing to be very successful.

And they might very well might be successful, but they haven't reached, like, let's say their goal is a million dollar mark and they just are so frustrated because they feel really capped out because they've hit a plateau. Well, that was me. I've built a couple businesses and I've been extremely successful and I always wanted to get a little bit more successful though.

I wanted to have those million dollar years and beyond, and I just couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. And. I had to take a, a few, a few months of introspection to really connect the dots and figure out how I actually allowed my life to become so abundant in so many different areas. For instance, with my marriage, with my children, with my, my houses around the world.

Like all of these different areas and the common thread was energy. When I managed my energy and understood how I was embodying the energy of what I wanted to create in those areas of my life. It started to come, come to fruition. So I decided, "Hey, how can I actually apply this methodology in my business? So that it creates that financial freedom and also the sense of freedom that I've been craving for."

So I applied it to my business and things just looked a lot different than it did to the, you know, the marketing course that I was taking the mastermind group that I was in, it all started to look different than what I was taught, but I embraced it. And when I started embracing that, what happened was, is I started saying yes to my energetic DNA and we'll go into what that is.

And that's when things started clicking into place. And not only was I working less and activating the sense of freedom and joy. True, true freedom and joy. And what that feels like for me, I started to make a lot more money. It started to actually start pouring in, in terms of my, you know, to people who would reach out to me for speaking in summits for, you know, can I, can I work with you on this project?

Would you like to join this retreat? Would you like to be a speaker here? Would you love to, you know, speak in my mastermind? Like all of these opportunities just started showing up when I showed up differently in my business. So that's what I help people do today is I help them really identify what that looks like for them.

And really what's the energetic component that they're trying to achieve in their life. Is it safety? Is it, is it support? Is it freedom? Like my own. Is it, is it abundance or is it maybe just feeling extremely healthy right. Or vibrant, you know? So like I help them understand what that looks like for them and why they really want it.

So like, I always refer back to like, Simon's Ted talk, you know, you're probably aware of that Why. The why we do things. And if any of your listeners or viewers are, you know, haven't seen that one, just go check that out because it's really powerful. I think it probably has like millions and millions of views at this point.

And I've contributed to that many times. I love his work, but really it is about beyond the why it's the energetic component of what it is that you're doing. Like what is the energy that you want to create in your life? And so that's really where it started. And my business started taking off and I stopped looking at the end result and comparing my values and my metrics as much as really embodying and using my feelings and my emotions as a metric and a marker for how successful as far is being. And it feels so different than how we're trained in this world. We're trained, you know, to be very masculine driven and on a linear scale where we're always excelling and always growing and moving up and up and up and up the latter. And sometimes it's really important.

And I'm not saying that it's not important to always keep moving but I think it's equally as important to recognize and start questioning that system. And that framework to really identify is this working for me or is that program and that illusion of, of what's good or bad actually playing into how I believe success looks or I believe my impact on the world looks right.

Teresa: Such a good point. I, I literally have this conversation with someone earlier on, in terms of, in the entrepreneurial space, in the, the business space, in the online business space, we are almost fed a line of what we believe is successful or what we believe we should want.

And we were talking about going online and, and he was talking about the fact of, you know, we know someone mutually that has a, you know, a business that isn't an online business, but almost has been brainwashed into the fact of, "Oh, no, you must have an online business." And it's like, well, if who says, that's gonna work for them, who says that that's what lights them up, who says that, you know, and I said to him, "What people forget when you have an online business like me is I have to show up. I have to create the content. I have to turn up every day. I have to be the person who's on. I have to do the interviews. I have to stand on the stage. I said, but I love that stuff like it lights me up."

So that makes sense for me. But if someone's just trying to chase the, the money or the accolade or the, whatever it is, but that's not what lights them up then. That's gonna be a completely fruitless exercise. Isn't it?

Emily: Right.

Teresa: So, so when you talk about like, I'm sat here listening to what you were saying, thinking yeah, I need that. Yeah, no, I'd like that. Yeah. How do I do that? So it sounds like, you know, I just got in line with what I wanted and boom, there, it was. So explain more about that process.

Explain more about how. Had you always dealt with energy? Had you always worked with? Was a thing? Like how, how has it all come about?

Emily: That's such a good question. Thank you for asking that. Actually I was the skeptic. I was the one in the back of the room, like, oh yeah. All this energy stuff, which is bullshit.

Because I, I was raised in a very, I was raised in an environment where that conform and that construct of, of, of how success looks was so prominent. And so anything that was out of that frame of you go to college, you get a job, you, you know, you study science, this is good. This is bad. Like it was very black and white in my life.

And so anything that was outside of that box was, you know, not allowed. Right. So I actually was in the medical industry for over 10 years and that kind of paid into that belief. Because, and, and don't, don't get me wrong. I loved that part of my life because I was working with very highly intellectual people.

I was, you know, helping people in very critical situations. And so that part of it was really powered by like my, my love for people and supporting other people through part of the hardest times of their life when they're in the ICU. But. That backed my belief, that medicine is the only reason are the only thing that's true.

Right? So that belief really closed me into this system where nothing else was real. Right. So I didn't allow my senses to really evolve. I didn't allow my intuition to be free. Now, back when I was a child, I was always told, you know, you're very intuitive. You have these abilities, like, that's so crazy.

Like how did you know that? And that was really dialed down by what I was told was true. And what was not true. Right. So I was in the medical industry, I was raised an athlete and I was very told, I was told, like, you know, you don't quit. You never give up. So I persevered through everything, everything in, in my career, everything through, you know, my relationships, all this stuff.

And, and even what that meant to me. And that's not a bad, that's not a bad skillset, but it becomes actually problematic when you aren't paying attention to the intense and also the subtle signs of what's happening around you and what's happening within my body. So it was 2016 and I was actually, it required a very, very.

A couple of different, I call it the perfect storm of events orchestrated by the universe to really force me to pay attention. You know, it was a mixture of my, my personal health, my sleeping patterns, my relationship at the time, my direct manager at the time, a lot of these things that came together that really kind of shocked my system and said, pay the F attention.

And. And I couldn't deny it. I couldn't deny it. So at that point, I didn't know what else to do. I didn't have the language or the wherewithal to understand that all of this stuff meant I was so deeply misaligned. So I, the, all I knew how to do was say, oh, I'm done. So I threw in the towel and I just took a leave of absence.

I didn't even quit my job at the time because I was just like, I need to just breathe. I need to breathe and figure out what this means. So when I did that, I actually booked a one way ticket to Bali and when I did that, I, I know it sounds so, you know, you pray love, but it was, I didn't even read the book.

I didn't watch the movie or any of that. It was just my own path. And that was the first time in my life. And so uncharacteristic to go without a plan. It was the first time in my life that I actually started to say yes to Emily and question everything. And when I got there, it wasn't a vacation. It was absolutely the, the complete opposite, because I went deep into the darkness.

I went deep into that shadow and I did so much inner work. I went on 10 day silent retreats. I did energetic healing. So I basically went all in on all this stuff that I was told that was not real. And I had to fully experience it myself to actually start to believe in it. And, and sometimes some people don't need that to actually feel it and really believe it.

But for me, like I had this belief that none of it was real, so I had to actually experience it firsthand. And when I did it was incredible to see what results started to show up in my life. The relationships I started to cultivate. The experiences and opportunities. I built a, a swimwear business just based off of divine love of creation and the people that came together to make that dream a reality.

It was just like you couldn't, you couldn't plan that. And the biggest thing that happened was that I met my husband and on our, on our wedding day, I got pregnant with my, with my, do my first daughter and it was just, I mean, I, and, and now retrospectively, now that I've done a lot of research and a lot of experience with this work, I, I know that.

In order for me to actually meet my husband and create this business. It required me to vibrate at a different frequency to create a different reality, a different circumstance in my life required a different vibrational patterning. And everything in life is energy. So let's take it back to the science and the, you know, academic hat that I was in.

Let's go back to that stage of where that was my full reality. So now, today I've really created a business that really is...




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