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Sushi, Hot Baths & Caffeine: A Discussion of the Do's and Don'ts in Pregnancy
Episode 5822nd May 2023 • Becoming Moms with Dr. Sterling • Dr. Christine Sterling
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Becoming Moms is back with a mini series answering your burning questions. If you want to hear the “in-the-know” truths, the real story behind all the restrictions in pregnancy, and specifically the 3 ones asked about the most– sushi, hot baths, caffeine etc this episode is for you.

Dr. Sterling shares: where the restrictions come from as well as the restrictions she followed, and the ones she didn’t in her own pregnancies. This is the true story… of 3 pregnancy restrictions… find out what happens when an ObGyn stops being polite… and starts getting real.


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Host: Dr. Christine Sterling, Board Certified ObGyn & Founder of Sterling Parents Membership


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