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The Hard Thing Podcast - Justin Lewis EPISODE 195, 31st May 2021
Ep. 101: Carla Bass | Successful Leadership through Non-Traditional Methods & Effective Communication

Ep. 101: Carla Bass | Successful Leadership through Non-Traditional Methods & Effective Communication

Today we discuss getting to know your people, word-sculpting, and parenting leadership

Welcome back to the 101st episode of the Hard Thing Podcast.

Today I share my conversation with entrepreneur, 30 year Air Force Veteran, & author of "Write to Influence", Colonel Carla D. Bass. You can reach out to Carla at carla@writetoinfluence.net.

Some highlights of today's show:

  • Carla's Hardest Thing
  • Carla dressing up as a leprechaun
  • Getting to know your people for better leadership
  • Disciplining your people even though you know it will hurt
  • Sticking to it no matter what
  • Getting a high-rank general to speak at one of Carla's events
  • Word-sculpting

Carla also left us some action items:

  1. Explore leadership training options
  2. Improve your empathy
  3. Know who you are
  4. Become an expert in what you're doing
  5. Sit at the table and speak up

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