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The Importance of Selling & Advising for Top Accountants
Episode 5123rd May 2019 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Matt Garman

Matt Garman started his working life on a trawler in the English Channel at age 16, but after witnessing the burial at sea of a colleague he quit and stumbled into his first sales job. Soon after, he set about building his own IT business, growing it and selling in 2007.

Matt then embarked on another business journey by growing another software company, resulting in another successful exit in 2012 to a Private Equity backed business. Since then he has continued to develop a sales consultancy business with offices in the UK and Australia.

He is the author of a 5-star book on Amazon called ‘Learning the Ropes’ that focuses on creating sustainable sales performance regardless of changes in personnel. This year he will be launching the UK’s first online Sales Enablement platform to further simplify sales to business leaders – the Sales Playbook via Shownotes:

  • How accountants can grow their top line revenue
  • The huge opportunities available to proactive accountancy firms
  • How accountants can attract new clients and win more work from existing clients
  • Why advisory services have gained so much traction in the accountancy profession
  • The threats accountancy practices face if they fail to embrace sales and marketing
  • How to differentiate your practice and avoid the ‘race to the bottom’ on fees
  • What the new generation of accountants expect from their practice
  • Why accountants need to embrace sales and adopt more structured strategies
  • Understanding your accounting DNA and communicating this to the market
  • Why accountants struggle to implement successful sales and marketing plans
  • The challenges facing accountants that want to grow and how they can overcome them
  • How accountants can get more from their existing clients
  • What the good accounting firms do to make them great
  • Why accountants struggle with sales and how to avoid the classic ‘sales stereotype’
  • How progressive accounting firms move on at a faster pace than non-progressive ones
  • Why it’s critical for all members of staff to be on brand and on message at all times
  • The way accounting firms have changed the way they sell and market their services
  • Why the ability to sell is key to the advisory revolution
  • What skills do strong work winning accountants demonstrate on a regular basis
  • The importance of accountants being able to listen and absorb information
  • Why investment in technology is crucial for accountants
  • How to bring sales and technology worlds together to enhance your accountancy practice
  • The key pillars that underpin successful accountancy firms
  • How to open more doors, win more business and retain key staff
  • Why it’s important for accountants to focus on growing their client’s businesses
  • The key areas accountancy firms focus on to differentiate themselves
  • Why embracing a structured and proactive sales and marketing strategy can pay dividends
  • How accountants can create points of difference and help clients to grow their business
  • Why a sales playbook is the secret sauce and crucial document for all accountancy practices.

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Matt Garman on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

When he’s off duty, Matt likes to undertake challenges that make working on a trawler look easy. When triathlon seemed a little too achievable, he switched to Ironman. Once he’d completed the Ironman challenge in Roth, Germany (13 hours, 48 minutes) he started training to swim the English Channel with friends. The successful swim took place in 2017 and in May 2019 he will be attempting to climb Mont Blanc.

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