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Breaking Barriers: Adri Miller- Heckman's Journey to Empower Women in Finance
11th September 2023 • The Female Millionaire • Fuel to Fire
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  • The podcast features Adri Miller Heckman, founder of femXadvisor™, a platform supporting women in building successful financial habits within a male-dominated industry. The host and guest, having known each other for nearly two years, express deep admiration for Adri's impactful contributions.

Adri's Background

  • Adri boasts an extensive professional history, with almost two decades spent at Solomon Brothers and Smith Barney. The podcast delves into the events that shaped Adri's transition into a financial advisor, highlighting a significant turning point her life – a lawsuit that compelled financial firms to increase the hiring of women.

Challenges in the Financial Industry

  • Adri discussed the persistence of gender disparity in the financial sector, despite initiatives to increase diversity. She shared her experiences as a national training officer at Smith Barney and the challenges faced by women in this industry.

Setting Clear Goals

  • It was emphasized that setting clear goals and priorities is important. In this episode, Adri's determination to build her practice around her values and priorities, mainly as a mother, was discussed.

Alignment with One's Mission

  • The episode delved into how Adri's mission and passion for empowering women led her to create a business that aligns with her values. Overall, the episode featured an inspiring conversation with Adri Miller-Heckman, discussing her journey in the financial industry, her passion for helping women succeed, and the importance of aligning one's career with one's mission and values.

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