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Episode 011: The art of story telling with playwright David Gilna
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Episode 011: The art of story telling with playwright David Gilna

The Unsung Hero - A Play by David GilnaToday we have David Gilna on the show, in what is a slightly different type of interview than normal. David is an actor, producer, author and playwright and along with self publishing four books on Amazon, he has written three plays, all of which have gained critical acclaim.


David is a remarkable person, having been hit by lightening back in 2004 David turned to writing as a way for him to not only cope with his recovery, but given the fact that he could not act, it helped him keep busy and productive.


This Irish playwright has a way with words and he can certainly tell and story, so much so that one of his plays “The Gift of Lightening” has been picked up by Blue Pip Productions and is being made into a feature film.

“The Unsung Hero” is the latest play written by David and it will Debut on March 21st – April 2nd 2016 in Dublin before going on tour.


As we have heard time and time again, it is all about the story, so we decided to get David on to talk about how he maps out a story and copes with all the pressures that comes with deadlines.

In this episode you will learn


    • How to plan out a story


    • How David gets his inspiration for his blog articles


    • How David beats writers block


    • Why emotion is key to any story


Pearls of wisdom from David


“Everybody has a story and the first thing you have to do is write a paragraph”


“The most important thing is that creative flair that we all have, that makes us individuals”


“What you see on Social Media is what you see in person”


“The one thing we all have in common is Emotion”


“Life doesn’t owe you anything”



Links and Resources Mentioned


My Bedsit WindowDavid’s second play which was turned into a book

These Wounded Places – A book written by David Gilna and Michael Scott

Lightning Positivity – David’s book all about he has managed to maintain positive in such a negative industry

50 Lightning Tips About The Entertainment Business – David’s top 50 tips for newcomers to the entertainment industry

Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need by Blake Snyder

The Unsung HeroDavid’s third play which will debut in Dublin from March 21st – April 2nd 2016 before going on tour 


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