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I wasn't broken, I just broke open
Episode 4113th October 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Oh boy! We have such a treat for you in this episode! We are so pleased, honored, and thrilled to introduce to our lovely listeners... McKenna Rose Brown. First things first, do yourself a favor and go follow her on Instagram! She posts weekly Wonder Woman Moments, funny reels, and inspirational stories. And while your at it, go ahead and give @Shopedynkei a follow too!

We start this episode out sharing the serendipitous way our paths crossed. It's a good story and it truly feels like we were meant to make the connection! McKenna is a Mental Health Advocate, she is the author for the Wonder Woman Journal, the creator of the Wonder Girl Academy, and just a GEM in real life. You can learn more about her and her message by visiting her website.

McKenna is very transparent and vulnerable in sharing her story. She is open about how she always felt like she was "Too Much" and how she felt she needed to shave herself down to fit into who she was "supposed" to be. She walks us through her story and the thoughts that led her to her lowest points in life. After driving herself to the behavioral hospital and connecting with other women, she realizes the message she is meant to share. Every woman is Wonder-full!

She created the Wonder Woman Journal helping women identify moments of gratitude and recognizing one experience a day that is good, hard, and/or funny. This led her to create a confidence course for young girls to develop the Wonder Woman mindset in 7 steps, as well as hosting the WINGS retreat:

W-worth I-intuition N-nirvana G-gifts S-strengths

McKenna shares good reminders to help honor where you are. She is open about the resources that have been beneficial to her on her journey including journaling, therapy, and specifically EMDR.

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! Spending time with McKenna is a real treat!

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