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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 181, 18th May 2021
From 0 to Interviewing Legends With Frank Rich: Where Are They Now Series
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From 0 to Interviewing Legends With Frank Rich: Where Are They Now Series

PDS #181

In this episode of our 'Where Are You Now Series', we are going to have a conversation with Frank Rich, a former client and friend, whom I’ve helped structure his podcast. He is a body building muscle transformation coach and we will talk about his journey in the podcasting space. Through his podcast he was able to create a direct impact from people reaching out to him for help in regaining control of their lives. With due diligence and doing the right pitches, he was able to reach out to big names and legends to come into his show for interviews. 

Enjoy listening!

- What is his goal from every guest he brings on to his show?

- What makes the people he invites to his show say yes?

- How does the podcast play a role in helping men get their breakthrough in their lives?

- How do people looking out for help reach out to him?

- What's next for Frank with his podcast?

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