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The Football History Dude - Sports History Network EPISODE 127, 29th July 2020
Clark Judge | Hall of Fame Voter and Talk of Fame Network
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Clark Judge | Hall of Fame Voter and Talk of Fame Network

Clark Judge | Hall of Fame Voter and Talk of Fame Network Co-Host​​

In this episode we cover the following topics with Clark Judge

  • Clark's career before the NFL
  • How he broke into the NFL
  • His time as a beat reporter in the NFL
  • How he became a Hall of Fame voter
  • Why he started Talk of Fame Network
  • Much more

Clark Judge Bio

Clark Judge is an award-winning writer who covered the Colts, Chargers and 49ers before joining FoxSports.com and CBSSports.com as an NFL columnist. He is a Pro Football Hall-of-Fame voter who serves on the nine-member contributor sub-committee and who, in addition to his work with the Talk of Fame Network, contributes to headcoachranking.com. Clark has also chaired the Pro Football Writers scholarship committee the past 31 years, believes in all things Unitas and Brady, misses Candlestick and the Outdoor Insane Asylum and worships at the altar of Todd Rundgren (Todd is Godd) ... with 79 concerts (and counting) on the resume.

Note - this excerpt is taken from the Talk of Fame site on Sports Illustrated

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