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EP #5: Having a Mission to Help Midlife Women Create Intentional Wardrobes with Jennifer Cassara
Episode 519th March 2024 • Women in the Middle® Entrepreneurs: The Reality of Running a Business After 50 - Midlife Coach Podcast • Suzy Rosenstein
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Today’s episode is with Jennifer Cassara. Jennifer is a woman in the middle entrepreneur who started her newest venture in 2020 called GoodRobe & Co. which is a direct-to-consumer women’s apparel company with a mission to help women create intentional wardrobes.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How midlife women can create an intentional wardrobe.
  • The importance of believing in yourself and your vision.
  • Never underestimate what you’re capable of achieving.
  • Use the knowledge of your failures to create success - you’re either succeeding or learning.

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