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345 | Investing in Yourself: The Business of Energy Work with Patti Gonzalez
Episode 34510th September 2021 • Mommy Millionaire • Cayla Craft
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Today’s episode proves that we all have something to learn from one another. Cayla invites Dr. Patti Gonzalez to the show to talk about her life-changing career as a chiropractor, working with coaches, and her self-healing journey. Through it all, Patti has learned that investing in yourself is not an expense, but rather an opportunity. She is an incredible doctor, energy worker, chiropractor, wife of an interior designer, and has a passion for helping others heal. Not only that, but she also just launched her coaching business to help female chiropractors to go from burnt out to blissful. Listen to find out how her investment in herself is leading to great things and fulfilling her dream of helping others thrive.

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You will learn:

  • [5:59] - Patti shares how chiropractors changed her life and inspired her to do the same for others.
  • [8:40] - It is important for Patti to consistently still receive holistic and chiropractic care.
  • [9:34] - Now, Patti can also help with releasing stuck emotions through KST.
  • [10:51] - Patti shares a story about how physical healing was not helping her assistant but KST changed things for her.
  • [12:43] - Patti sees patients virtually with KST and shares how that has worked.
  • [14:10] - Molecules of water hold emotions and we are all energetic beings.
  • [15:19] - There is a mind-body connection that needs to be maintained.
  • [17:20] - Patti has always known that she wants to help others, but in her practice, she is often tied to her office and not with her daughter.
  • [19:10] - The best coaches are the ones that don’t give you the answers. They guide you back to yourself.
  • [22:19] - Patti attended a retreat with Cayla and shares her experience in her self-healing journey.
  • [24:42] - How many times have you denied a gut feeling and regretted it?
  • [25:48] - Patti participated in a VIP Day with Cayla and explains why she was attracted to the idea.
  • [27:10] - Patti is currently writing a book and Cayla explains why you shouldn’t wait if you’ve got the content.
  • [29:29] - Instead of seeing it as an expense, Patti knows she is worth the investment.
  • [31:21] - With everything going on in the world, Patti shares how she stays in alignment and her truth.

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