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How to Repair With Your Child When You Are the One Who Messed Up
Episode 2Bonus Episode17th May 2023 • Attachment Nerd Cast • Attachment Nerd
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In this episode, we dive deep into a very personal, yet universal, parenting experience. Our host shares her journey of miscommunication and repair with her son, revealing the raw and tender dynamics of the parent-child relationship.

We discuss how easily we can misread situations, and how a moment of jest can turn into a moment of distress. But more importantly, we explore the aftermath: the process of owning our mistakes, acknowledging the impact, and working towards mending the rupture.

We delve into the steps of making repairs, from granting space for our children to express their feelings to understanding their needs for reparation. We also highlight the importance of public acknowledgment of our mistakes, a key component of the social fabric of our lives.

Finally, we address the importance of not beating ourselves up when we falter and the need for patience as repairs may take time. This episode is a true testament to the fact that it's not about never messing up, but about how we rise and recover when we do.

So, join us on this enlightening journey, as we learn, grow, and together, continue to become better parents, one repair at a time.