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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 31, 31st May 2020
Ethical Waste Management with Samanta Skrivere
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Ethical Waste Management with Samanta Skrivere

My next guest was recommended to me by another guest in the act of paying it forward. When the COVID-19 pandemic grounded us all globally, it was a great opportunity for me to catch up and connect with changemakers like this amazing lady.

Sam Skrivere is the Founder and CEO of Ministry of Waste based in the UK. Originally from Latvia, Sam now is on a mission to create and execute waste management systems for polluted and disadvantaged communities in developing countries. Less plastic in the ocean, brands acting responsibly and more revenue for local communities - it’s that simple. Sam is currently focusing on Indonesia to tackle the tonnes of waste that goes unmanaged and ends up in the marine environment, whilst empowering locals. 

I honestly could have sat with Sam for hours on this subject, so I hope you soak up the inspiration and passion for collective change in this episode.

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