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The Critical Banter Podcast - Critical Banter EPISODE 104, 9th June 2021
Rohit's Failed Threesome
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Rohit's Failed Threesome

Kushagra joins us this week, taking a break from his rigorous preparations ahead of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Upon his return, he ponders a philosophical question regarding our musical taste - lyrics or beat.

We then have a crypto update, before in true podcast fashion, and what is quickly becoming a recurring trope, we have a strange bathroom story, this time featuring Sen.

Finally, we delve into Rohitโ€™s birthday extravaganza. Strap in as we take you through, not one, not two, but three (attempted) surprise birthday events on the same day, with the same group of friends, for one very ungrateful knob.

We live in the digital age, the TikTok generation, with shortened attention spans and limited disposable income. Ad campaigns these days are short and snappy and mostly forgettable. This week's game, โ€œKnow Your Brand,โ€ tests the boys' knowledge of classic Australian ads and brand slogans. This game really just shows who watched too much TV as a kid.

The always popular TCB Debate is back this week, as we cover a wide range of issues. We begin with Rohit and Miguel spicing it up with some casual fat shaming, Miguel and Kush then take aim at short people, before finally Rohit and Kush bring us home with some choice words to Anti-Vaxxers.

Also this week: Urinal etiquette, bubble soccer, Burger King and silver back gorillas.

Segments this week:

The Logue: Tired of reaching around each other (at least on the podcast), the boys have instead decided to reach around the weekโ€™s news stories, events and viral trends.

Know Your Brand: The boys are tested on their knowledge of brand slogans and famous ad campaigns.

TCB Debate: Inspired by the Presidential debates, the boys decide to argue like old men without the interrupting.



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