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2. How Can You Harness the Power of IPTV?
Episode 212th April 2023 • Dollars and Data: Smart Solutions For Business • William Cole Smith
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There's so much technology and different social media platforms out there to use to showcase your business nowadays that it can feel overwhelming at times. 

I'm asking you to consider what you probably have already – IPTV. Internet Protocol Television. This is one of the most affordable technologies that is currently available to engage with your customers and continue building your brand.

For dollars that you spend on your TV, the data that you then capture, and the revenue you generate from monetizing that TV is going to make a difference to you and your business. I can't tell you the number of offices and waiting rooms I've been into where a big old TV stands in the corner. With the right IPTV technology, you can use a Smart TV for clever brand engagement with your customer.

From a food truck owner to a small retail store, and from stadiums to your own office environment, this kind of brand engagement is crucial. IPTV is an affordable and effective technological tool, and I’m super excited about it. I'm Cole Smith, and I'm discussing IPTV in great detail today on Dollars and Data. Please join me.

"Don't just think about the dollars and the data that you're spending on having an IPTV to personalize your product or service -- use it for all types of opportunities for your business." ~ William “Cole” Smith

In This Episode:

- Understanding the power of personalization

- Looking at the future of advertising

- Using data-driven analytics to power your business forward 

- Who will handle your creative content?

- How stadiums use IPTV technology – fan engagement!

- Understanding latency issues in the telecommunications issue

- What to look for when buying an IPTV – understanding the support

And so much more!

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