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F.A.T. Podcast Episode 44 – Christin Ortiz and Headwater Food
19th April 2016 • Food About Town • Chris Lindstrom
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On this episode of the Food About Town podcast I had Christin Ortiz from Joe Bean Coffee and Phil Bianchi from Headwater Food Hub to discuss the new food program at Joe Bean. There is a lot of collaboration between the two and we also discussed a fair bit about farm to table cooking in the Rochester environment.

We talked through how to cook farm to table in Rochester and how the Headwater Food Hub allows restaurants to source food without the hassle of dealing with each farm individually. I wanted to learn more about what Christin wants to accomplish at Joe Bean as they expand the food offerings from simple plates to a full brunch and special event menu. Of course I dove into the backgrounds of both Christin and Phil to see why they are doing what they do now as well.

Keep an eye out for restaurants that source their food locally and go and try some of the farm derived food from Headwater Food Hub at Joe Bean over brunch.

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