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Ep 104: How to Build Strength and Endurance Simultaneously with Jennie Bunce
Episode 1049th January 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Have you ever had a hard time finding your home in the weight room? Joining me on the show this week is Rebel client and former lacrosse athlete, Jennie Bunce. Lacrosse is the sport that stuck for Jennie, and once she graduated college, she felt lost in terms of her fitness and training. She dabbled in powerlifting, marathon running, and CrossFit, but none of them fit the bill. She felt trapped in this never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction. Jennie was in pain; she wasn't seeing the results she wanted for the amount of work she was putting in, so she knew something needed to change. That's when she was introduced to Rebel Performance.

Jennie and I talk all things training progressions, high versus low conditioning, exercise selection, fitness obstacles, and training splits. Since joining Rebel a year ago, Jennie has made an insane amount of progress (e.g. adding 20+ pounds to her squat, bench and deadlift every 8 weeks) AND she’s absolutely crushing in her endurance and athleticism (all pain-free). Listen in as Jennie and I unpack the big rocks we implemented in her training and what it actually looks like, so that you can take these tools and utilize them in your own training. 

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [04:25] Intro to Jennie Bunce
  • [06:35] Jennie’s struggles and frustration before joining Rebel
  • [08:06] Jennie’s progress prior to joining Rebel compared to her progress after being with Rebel for 1 year.
  • [09:26] Trap bar and front squat progressions for Jennie
  • [10:33] Rebel’s training plans versus other training plans
  • [11:34] Big rocks that stand out for how Rebel organizes training plans
  • [14:30] The training circle of death
  • [18:10] Valuable exercises Jennie wouldn’t typically have in her programming
  • [21:00] The importance of following your low conditioning and high conditioning days 
  • [24:05] Jennie’s running pace improvements 
  • [25:25] The obstacles Jennie faced when we first introduced low conditioning days to her training
  • [26:57] Appropriate steps to take to experience results like Jennie
  • [31:33] Parting words and advice from Jennie


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