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Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll! When should we have these difficult conversations?
Episode 4727th April 2022 • How Not to Screw Up Your Kids • Dr Maryhan
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I have had a number of conversations this week with friends - without breaking any confidences - who’s children have either become very drunk, they have caught their children vaping, looking at porn, taking drugs, or sneaking downstairs to switch the wifi back on and grab their devices!

These are all incredible parents, wonderful parents in fact who have a great relationship with their children. They talk a lot and they thought they had several years yet before they had to have that difficult conversation and than bam!!   

So this is going to be a slightly different type of podcast. I want you to imagine I am your friend and we are sat having a cup of something, and I am sharing my advice. Enjoy! 

Here are the highlights: 

(02:22) Get comfortable with the uncomfortable 

(3:28) Use age appropriate information 

(07:54) If the conversations feels uncomfortable, think about why 

(12:30) Educate yourself 

(17:09) Be non-judgmental 

(21:44) Focus on safety over prevention 

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