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How to Scale your Startup from a Small Team To Over 2500 Employees with Rossel Sabourin | #71 SaaS Podcast
Episode 7124th December 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Rossel is now the Co-founder and CEO at video gift startup VidDay, a group gift video solution where they bring in over 1 million video uploads from over 150 countries into their platform. 

Rossel formerly helped scale SkipTheDishes, a seamless online food delivery and pickup app, from a small start-up to a team of over 2500 employees. 

Russel thrives off of solving complex challenges and finds passion and excitement in the sometimes chaotic environment of building and growing a Start-Up.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 A word From The Sponsor
  • 01:02  Intro
  • 04:08 Growth Strategies & Why is it Important to Fail Fast
  • 04:21 What Drove the Success of HeyZap & How Was the Process of Acquisition & Eventual Exit
  • 06:53 Constraints & Strategies When Competing with Giants like UberEats 
  • 09:49 Exiting & Joining VidDay in 2019
  • 11:49 What’s VidDay 
  • 13:03 How Big is The Market Opportunity for VidDay? 
  • 15:19  What Were the Initial Costs to Get Vidday Off the Ground to Reach PMF?
  • 18:11 VidDay’s Length Based Pricing  & Validating Other Models
  • 19:49 Specialized Team Focused on Template & Editing Options
  • 21:06 Product Expanding to in the Market with VidDay’s Roadmap
  • 22:21  Advice you Wish you Had Known & would Tell your 25 year old self
  • 23:20  Biggest Challenges Russel's Currently facing in Order to Continue to Grow VidDay
  • 24:13 Top Resources Instrumental for Russel's Success
  • 25:39 What does success mean to Russell Today?
  • 26:38 Future for VidDay, Rossel & Where to Get in Touch




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