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Episode 17: Tab Baldwin, Lessons From a Lifetime of Coaching
19th September 2018 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Tab Baldwin, Lessons From a Lifetime of Coaching Guest: Coach Tab Baldwin, Ateneo De Manila Basketball Head Coach In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Coach Tab Baldwin will joins the podcast. Tab Baldwin is an American-New Zealand basketball coach who currently serves as the team consultant for the Manila based PBA team, Talk N Text, and the head coach of the Ateneo Blue Eagles basketball team of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. Coach Baldwin has coached professionally for 37 years including stints with 5 national teams: Malaysia, New Zealand, Lebanon and Jordan. His most notable career highlight would certainly be the final four performance of his NZ Tall Blacks national team at the 2002 FIBA World Championships. This utterly unheralded team shocked the basketball world with this placing and propelled Coach Baldwin into the professional coaching ranks in Europe and ultimately a total of 10 countries.   Breakdown: 1:00 - Introduction 2:00 - How Coach Tab's Life Experiences moved him Across the world to be a Successful Coach 4:00 - "New Zealand is Amazing!" 6:00 - Passion and Love of the Philippines for Basketball 8:00 - Coach Tab's Philosophy and his Team's Philosophy 9:50 - "The Greatness of an Opponent brings out the Best in Us" 10:40 - "...Our Limitations are Temporal" 11:14 - Honor the Star in Every Player 13:30 - Work Smarter 14:20 - No changes in Philosophy 15:40 - Coach Tab's Team vs Coach Chris Team during Jones Cup 17:30 - Helping One Another and the Resiliency 18:40 - "That is Coaching" not only in Players 19:40 - Running Hand-Offs out of the Low Post 20:40 - The term "Pitch Pass" 22:00 - Using Backdoors to Decoy 23:00 - Flat Cut 24:20 - Teaching the Game by the Basis of Decisions 26:00 - No Time Restrictions in Practice 27:00 - Individual Development of Coach Tab's Player using Scientific Approach 28:20 - Teaching His Players Terms and Plays in Basketball 30:00 - He and His Team Playing Tournaments Overseas During Off-Season 31:00 - Weak Side Actions in Asian Basketball 34:30 - Korea Basketball Set Plays - Weak Side Cutter 36:00 - Spain's Basketball Set Plays 37:30 - Masking Actions 39:00 - Recruiting Lengthy and Disruptive Players for Coach Tab 39:30 - Active Weak Side 40:30 - What's gonna Beat you? 41:00 - Players and their Skill Development 43:00 - Finishing at the Rim and "Wide Lay-up" 44:30 - Rim Attacks like "Floaters" 45:00 - Abbreviated Drive and One-Hand Scope 45:30 - All About Ball-Screen Defense 47:20 - Communication in the Ball Screen is First and Foremost 47:30 - Execution is the Second 48:00 - Giving Players a Weak Side Freedom 48:30 - "Don't Teach and Don't Teach Well" during Ball Screen 50:00 - The Player on the Ball Should not Be Picking..They should not be looking at the Ball Screen. 51:00 - Re-screening 52:00 - Keeping Under-Under 53:00 - What's the best way to call Plays? 54:00 - Calling Other Terms in their Primary Plays 57:00 - Best Advice from Coach Tab 58:00 - Value of the Coach and the Players 59:00 - Dedicate Yourself for your Player's Development 60:00 - Conclusion Tab Baldwin’s Bio Bio:   Basketball Immersion Website: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at