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134: Simon Severino | Investing in One Person and One Problem a Day
Episode 13422nd September 2021 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Simon Severino is the CEO and founder of Strategy Sprints which is a global team of certified Strategy Sprints® Coaches which offers a customized strategy to help clients gain market share and work in weekly sprints which results in fast execution. He is also a Forbes Business Council Member, a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, and a member of Duke Corporate Education. Simon and his team is dedicated to helping business owners in SaaS and services discover how to be able to run their company more efficiently which results in sales that soar. Through the Strategy Sprints® Method, business owners are able to double their revenue in 90 days by getting owners out of the weeds.


In today’s episode, Simon is going to let us in on the power of investing in one person a day by solving one problem a day. Simon talks about why finding a mastermind that helps can change your network and grow your net worth, and he also gets us into how to build the circle for someone's superpower. Check it out! 


[00:01 – 02:32] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Simon Severino
  • Checkout The Success Finder through the link below 
  • Connect with Simon through the links below 

[02:33 – 13:17] Simon and His Experience with Self-Education

  • How learning has changed for Simon over the years
  • Did not find the old way of learning impactful
  • Intimacy at scale with learning with coaches/mentors
  • Simon’s mentors and masterminds
  • Be vulnerable enough to ask for help 
  • Come to the mastermind filled, not empty 
  • The power of nurturing connections 
  • Helping one person a day

[13:18 – 32:23] What to Expect from Simon

  • What to expect when you invest in yourself and work with Simon
  • Identifying who you are to serve on the first year of working with Simon
  • Solve one person and one problem per day
  • A success story from people who worked with Simon
  • Tweaking the process 
  • Focusing on one person
  • How masterminds helped Simon get unstuck and reset
  • Masterminds are the core of what Simon does
  • Our network as our net worth
  • Learning from other people’s experiences
  • Key attribute that helped build Simon’s success
  • Helping other people see their superpower
  • Visualizing my goals everyday, a daily practice

[32:24 – 36:02] Closing Segment

Tweetable Quotes:

“I come with something; I don't come needy. I come open to however the answer is, and I come prepared. I have done my work on my side.” - Simon Severino

“I want relationships to be deeper and better and more fulfilling every month, every year, over a very long time. Because our network is really 80% of our net worth--this is what we have, we are nothing else that are networks, then relationships.” - Simon Severino

Connect with Simon on LinkedIn YouTube, or send him an email at You can also check out his website at

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