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Radio Elusia - Boundless Theatre EPISODE 6, 24th May 2021
11 - Liar
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11 - Liar

24 hours since The Archive Launch and the cracks are starting to show. Betrayals, deceptions and secrets are exposed in the click of a button. And with Lia acting suspiciously, will Suz search for the truth herself?

Be ready. Be listening. And do not be afraid. This is Radio Elusia.

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Episode Credits:

You’ve been listening to Radio Elusia, a Boundless podcast production. 

Liar was written by Kc Gardiner 

The episode was directed by Robert Awosusi  

Original music and sound design by FATHER. 

The series Associate Director is Robert Awosusi.  

In this episode you were listening to:  

Valerie Vansovica as Lia 

Chantelle Amon as Suz  

Megan Jarvie as the News Reader

and Pip Williams as the Voice of Elusia 

The episode was mixed and mastered by FATHER and commissioned and produced by Boundless Theatre. 

Producer Ine Van Riet 

Sound Supervisor Kieron Wolfson 

Sound Assistant Doug Templeton  

Dialogue Edit by Paradigm Post Production

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Radio Elusia is part of Welcome To Elusia, an Extended Universe project co-funded by the creative Europe programme of the European union.