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How The Green Rush Is Impacting Real Estate, Schools & The Homeless | Cultivate Ep. 06
Episode 61st May 2018 • Cultivate • Boveda Inc.
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Let’s not let the smear campaigns against cannabis win out. Hear what enemies of marijuana legalization  don’t want you to know. Listen to the positives coming to communities when prohibition is lifted. From awarding college scholarships to rebuilding cities ravaged by crime and homelessness, the cannabis industry is indeed sharing the wealth.

When the price of oil becomes lower than a keg of beer (Black Rush vs. Green Rush) (2:57)

No hangovers with cannabis (7:29)

Shout out to Pure Ratios—cannabinoids for stomach pain (8:27)

True/False: The pot business is ruining Colorado (8:51)

How cannabis tax revenue improves infrastructure (9:12)

Smear campaigns and fake news about cannabis (9:17)

How legal rec impacts real estate (9:40)

How legal rec affects MJ use in minors (10:04)

How tourism increases with legal cannabis (10:10)

What Colorado takes in through cannabis tax revenue (10:28)

How legal marijuana impacts opioid overdoses (10:40)

How cannabis taxes impact the homeless (10:55)

How cannabis taxes fund scholarships (11:10)

Shout out to The Emerald Cup—sustainability and cannabis cultivators (11:41)

Alcohol consumption vs cannabis usage (12:18)

Most popular ways to consume cannabis in 2018 (12:30)

New to cannabis? Where to learn more. (18:08)

Brands embracing cannabis culture—420, Totinos and Taco Bell (25:36)


Featured Speakers: Benjamin Patock, Boveda’s International Relations ExecutiveLance Lambert, Boveda’s Herbal Strategic Business Unit Manager




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