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DOCSF 2023: The Future of Computer Vision and Robotic Surgery
26th August 2023 • Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF) • Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF)
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Explore the revolutionary role of computer vision in healthcare through this engaging episode.

Join us for an insightful interview with Douglas Fairbanks, the CEO of Advanced Scanners, as he sheds light on their pioneering technology designed for operating rooms. Douglas's extensive background in surgical intervention, technology, and commercialization underpins the discussion. Learn how their cutting-edge technology streamlines data collection, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The conversation also delves into the potential of artificial intelligence in the field and the intriguing challenges it poses for orthopedics.

Tune in to discover more about the innovative solutions of Advanced Scanners and stay connected with Douglas for deeper insights!