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Investor Profile: Jon Womack
Episode 430th July 2021 • Real Estate Moguls • The Face of Chicago Business
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At face-value it seems like Jon is in the traditional real estate business of helping clients buy and sell. However, in reality he’s brought his innate entrepreneurialism to the world of real estate by way of managing properties. He created Third City Properties a few years ago, focusing on investing in and managing multi-family and mixed use properties. 

After spending 16 years as a consultant in the corporate world, Jon realized it wasn’t what he wanted to spend his life doing. Taking a five-month leave of absence at Chase Bank, Jon bought his first investment property, dipping his toe in the real estate water. A successful venture, he made the decision to not return from his leave of absence and dove head first into the world of investment property. 

Like many before him, Jon says that it’s truly a track for people to start their careers in the corporate world before venturing into real estate. Much of the structure and professionalism that comes with working in corporate America applies seamlessly to managing your own business within real estate. 

As a kid, Jon’s family moved from a fairly large city in Oklahoma to a small town in Western Wisconsin:

“That move was pretty defining for me. I mean, my whole life was in Oklahoma.”

That move would go on to prepare him for multiple global relocations throughout his life including Amsterdam and Dubai eventually leading him to Chicago and Third City Properties. Each place along the way taught him something different to apply to his business today. 

Tune in as Jon talks about his life, how it led him to where he is today, and his work with the Austin African American Networking Association.