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187. Using Music to Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Susan Drumm
Episode 1874th September 2023 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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What if I told you that music had the power to make you a better leader? Would you believe me?

Maybe you will believe my amazing guest, Susan Drumm! Susan is on a mission to inspire and guide leaders to heal what holds them back and develop the capacity and mindset to lead in today’s increasingly disruptive environment. She has personally coached billionaire CEOs, high-profile political figures, prominent Fortune 100 executive teams, and incredible entrepreneurs. 

In the world of leadership development, innovative angles can often lead to transformative breakthroughs. In this enlightening episode, Susan opens up about her unique approach to leadership development—one that revolves around the profound influence of music.

Join us as we delve into Susan's insights on music, leadership, and the art of breaking free! 

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