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Stars, Stones, and Stories - Ra Ma EPISODE 13, 23rd October 2020
Sovereign Subscriptions for 2020

Sovereign Subscriptions for 2020

This episode explores the shift of the Sun into Scorpio, Vesta into Virgo, Black Moon Lilith into Taurus, and Venus entering Libra. As we penetrate the Samhain seasonal gateway, the power of the Taurus Full Blue Moon on All Hallow's Eve demonstrates how unique 2020 is. This is the time of the Ancestors and the season of the Witch. The technology of Kundalini Yoga is discussed in conjunction with the abuses of Yogi Bhajan, and Mina Bahadori and I discuss this topic at length. Finally an Ancestral Healing meditation will assist you in integrating this deep episode that mirrors the importance of these times.


Astrology 14:14

Kundalini Yoga and where I am with teaching 49:06

Interview with Mina 88:02

Guided meditation 165:18

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