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DIJ S3 E11: Freedom, Money, Surviving, and Recovering w Kellie Richardson
Episode 1127th October 2023 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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Thank you for your patience faithful listener!

This week, Shadiin opens up by saying the quiet part out loud and admits she loves to hear Delma stumble over pronunciations.

Delma checks in about what it means to respond to the world around us based on perceived racial identity and gender and how we potentially replicate the very systems we seek to change. Shadiin reflects on the pride she feels in watching her children become "good humans" in this world. She also discusses the way recent events and triggered her anger and how she's managing (or not) to move with it.

After the break, our fearless hosts welcome back poet, activist, educator, and facilitator Kellie Richardson who's work center's Black humanity as sacred, divine, and worthy. Kellie joins us to talk about surviving cancer, making a living, living life, and what it means to tell her story in predominantly white institutions and spaces in everything from health care, to art.





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