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#075: Crafting a Digital Nomad-Style Guitar Teaching Business feat. Rob Mills, Former Guitarist of Diamond Head
17th November 2023 • TopMusicGuitar Podcast • Tim Topham
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Today, we delve into the stories and strategies of exceptional individuals in the world of music and education. In this episode, we are thrilled to feature Rob Mills, a prominent figure in guitar and vocal instruction who once played a pivotal role as the guitarist for Diamond Head. With over 25 years of teaching experience, Rob unveils his comprehensive approach, encompassing technique, ear training, theory, and improvisation, propelling his students to become Rockstar guitarists. Join us as Rob shares insights into his early musical journey, his time with Diamond Head, and the intriguing story of how he adopted the digital nomad lifestyle. From crafting music videos to building alliances for gigs and making a positive impact on students' musical journeys, Rob covers it all. Stay tuned for a fascinating conversation on identity, musicianship evolution, and a final piece of wisdom from Rob himself.

  • Rob shares about his background, his early guitar journey and his early musical explorations.
  • His opportunity to play for Diamond Head.
  • Advice and recommendations for aspiring musicians.
  • How he adopted the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • His teaching approach, covering technique, theory, improvisation, rhythm, and ear training.
  • His approach to getting gigs, including creating music videos, contacting venues, and building alliances.
  • Importance of making a good impression and building contacts in the local music scene.
  • His approach to finding students online, using organic methods on platforms like Facebook.
  • The value of making a positive impact on students' musical journeys.
  • Inspiring students to have favorite guitar players and explore the concept of identity in relation to being a guitarist.
  • Recognizing the evolutionary nature of musicianship and the need to respect the contributions of past guitarists.
  • One last final piece of advice from Rob to the listeners.

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Today's Guest

Rob Mills is a highly regarded figure in the realm of guitar and vocal instruction, standing among the best in the business. A seasoned musician, he played a pivotal role in the new wave of British heavy metal with the iconic band Diamond Head. In 1999, Rob earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Birmingham University and holds a grade 5 in Music Theory. With over 25 years of teaching experience in guitar and vocals, Rob is adept at extracting the best from his students, guiding them on the path to becoming Rockstar guitarists. His comprehensive approach covers technique, ear training, theory, and improvisation. Rob's proven protocols guarantee success, propelling students through the levels of guitar proficiency. Some of his mentees, including Adam Zindani of the Welsh Rock band Stereophonics, have achieved notable fame. For those aspiring to be more than just bedroom guitarists, Rob Mills offers unparalleled expertise and a surefire way to rock the world with music. When choosing an instructor, Rob emphasizes the importance of qualifications and experience, cautioning against those lacking the credentials that he, as a seasoned professional, brings to the table.

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