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Mid-Week Special: The Complete Interview with David Applebaum, Architect of the Stars. What DIDNT make the radio show 5 26 2020
Episode 949Bonus Episode26th May 2020 • Around the House® Home Improvement: Expert Advice for your Home • Eric Goranson
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Here is the complete interview with David Applebaum. If you caught part of it on the show this weekend the last half of this podcast is what you missed that didn't make the air.

The house was built for the Ambassador to the court of St James but it was designed for the Queen in mind. We talk with David Applebaum host of American Mansion on National Geographic channel and the house he designed that Elon Musk is now selling. This was all over the news this last week on the Joe Rogan podcast. You wont want to miss this jamb packed show as we talk about how you design a home for royalty and gilded toilets. Plus we talk about some of the projects he designed for the Who's Who of Hollywood. For MORE about David or to ask about his services check it out all right here.

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