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Better Brain Health with Louisa Nicola (Episode 87)
Episode 8722nd June 2022 • Hit Play Not Pause • Hit Play Not Pause
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As active women, we train our strength and our endurance. But we don’t clean that barbell, we don’t cross that finish line, we literally don’t accomplish anything in life without first having the mental ability that comes from our brain. And as we age, our brains become vulnerable to decline. They physically change during the menopause transition, as our hormones fluctuate and taper off. But there is no point in time that we can’t take concrete action to build a stronger, better functioning brain, which is where this week’s guest, neurophysiologist Louisa Nicola comes in. We talk all about brain health, brain training, and how to maintain your mental acuity for life.

Louisa is the founder, head performance advisor, and CEO of Neuro Athletics, a company designed to optimize mental performance and to help educate, train and unlock human performance through science and data. She consults with some of the biggest names in the NBA and MLB and sits on the scientific advisory board for Tonal. Louisa was a world championship triathlete and raced both nationally and internationally for Australia and competed at London, Beijing and Auckland. After retiring in 2012 Louisa followed her dreams and went to Sydney Medical school for neurophysiology. You can learn more about her and follow her work via Instagram, her Neuro Athletics Newsletter, and her The Neuro Experience Podcast. Check out the research on adult neurogenesis here. And the ketone research here

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