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55. Traceability is Crucial to the World Produce Industry
16th August 2022 • Fresh Takes On Tech • International Fresh Produce Association
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The IFPA’s Fresh Field Catalyst is a six-month tech accelerator has brought together startups and global corporations to create innovative solutions for the challenges currently facing the produce industry. 

My guests today are current Fresh Field participants, Julie Escobar, Chief Commercial Officer at DiMuto, and her invaluable mentor in the program, Judy Clark, CEO at Fresh Texas

Traceability is critical to consumer confidence, supply chain success, and fostering sustainable growing practices. It also encourages more much-needed global investment in agriculture.  

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Managing farm-to-table data through apps and QR codes for speed and accuracy
  • Supporting the move to sustainable practices 
  • Connecting the farmer to the consumer and opening up Pacific Rim markets
  • How IFPA’s tech accelerator helps startups build crucial relationships