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Are You Sharing Secrets in Your Relationship or Do You Feel Left Out by Your Spouse?
Episode 617th November 2022 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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If you and your spouse only talk about the details of life, you're killing the friendship in your relationship.

Is there time to just hang out in your relationship? Or are you always busy?

In this episode we'll discuss the role of friend in your relationship:

  • We’ll talk about why companionship builds trust between you and your sweetheart
  • And I’ll give you a date night discussion prompt to make it easier to spot the ways you and your sweetheart are good companions.

Poor listening in your relationship = erosion of trust

You'll hear how poor listening became a habit in my relationship. With that bad habit, we grew further and further apart. 

We got that figured out and fixed, but not before it did damage to our relationship.

Listen to the story so you can avoid "fix-it-listening" and instead listen so you can build trust in your relationship.

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