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646: Build Vs Buy, Why DNV acquired this weather-tech startup, and what it means for Solar
Episode 6462nd November 2023 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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Timing is everything along with finding a gap in the market! Before 2016 not much work was going into real-time tracking and forecasting of clouds using satellite data. But a professional meteorologist from Down Under found his niche utilizing a game-changing global fleet of Japanese weather satellites to track cloud movement, weather patterns, and aerosols that affect albedo and solar irradiance impacting solar panel performance. 

James Luffman is the CEO of Solcast, a weather-tech data company based in Australia.  Along with DNV, which recently acquired his company, James is building never-before-seen weather data and forecasting that brings true scalability to the solar industry. Their strategies, from adopting product-led growth models to leveraging advanced satellite technology for improved resolution and frequent imagery, all aim to enhance the efficacy of real-time weather forecasting for solar.

This discussion encapsulates the intersection of technology, meteorology, and renewable energy. 

In an industry once void of sophisticated weather forecasting models, fast and efficient access to real-time, reliable data has become critical to solar performance. What captivated my attention in all of this is how DNV, a massive global engineering giant with an R&D budget in excess of $115 Million USD/yr would purchase SolCast, and what it plans to do with the platform now that they have it in-house! You’re going to love the answer from their Global Solar Segment leader, Dana Olsen.

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