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14: The Position of the Word // Glossary of the Gospel 3 (Eric Ludy)
13th May 2019 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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Speaker: Eric Ludy
Series: Glossary of the Gospel
Study: 3 – The Position of the Word

As the third installment in Eric Ludy’s Glossary of the Gospel series, this episode focuses on the place the Scriptures must claim in the life of a believer. When as a newborn Christian we take our initial steps forward in faith, it is essential that we learn to have a right relationship with the Biblical Text. For as believers, we are not to lift ourselves above the Text as if we know better, nor are we to reason as if we are an equal with it and as if its opinions are at the same level with our own. Instead, we are to find that place of utter servitude and dependence beneath the Glorious Text of Scripture, laying down all argumentation and accepting that the Text is right even when we don’t yet fully understand it. Why? Because in yielding to the Word of God in Text, we are giving Jesus, the Word of God in Person, His rightful place of Kingship and Lordship over our life.    



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