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A Pivot From Professional Pianist to Successful Acquisition Management with Boyne Capital’s Renny Sie
Episode 2128th October 2022 • Deal Us In • McGuireWoods
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In this episode of Deal Us In, we welcome Renny Sie as she joins host Kelsey Hitchcock to discuss her role as Vice President of Business Development and investor Relations at Boyne Capital and her non-traditional track that brought her there.

Renny Sie brings a unique perspective to business acquisition: her formative years were spent as a professional pianist. After following a path orchestrated by her parents, Renny realized her career as a professional musician was no longer sustainable and wasn't sure what tools she could bring into her next professional pursuit. 

Highlighting her dedication, laser focus, and passion for relationships, Renny began the transition and returned to school. She now recognizes her unorthodox introduction is one of her biggest assets. "The leadership (at Boyne Capital) understands that diverse backgrounds can bring diverse perspectives, and providing diverse value adds to any deal."

Kelsey and Renny talk about why representation, discipline, and emotional intelligence are so important and why acquisitions are a relationship business over a financial industry. 

"There's the overall learning of a new piece that you're in each day of practice. But there's the melody itself and how you play different parts of it. In any deal process, there's new things that come up or new things or parts of the process that are more critical on a certain deal than in others — how you ‘soft play’ or ‘soft pedal’ certain aspects of communications."

In this episode, Renny also shares advice she would give to her younger self and encourages everyone to celebrate the small wins.  

💡 Featured Guest 💡

Name: Renny Sie

What she does: Renny is the Vice President of Business Development and Investor Relations at Boyne. She connects with potential acquisition targets or potential partners, and nurtures relationships with Boyne Capital investors. 

Company: Boyne Capital

Where to find Rennie: Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

🗝️ Key Points 🗝️

Top takeaways from this episode 

Why it's essential for women to be in private equity — Renny gives three reasons why women need to be in private equity.

It's not just about making friends — One of Renny's early mentors said, "Your job is to make friends."

What would you say to your past self at the beginning of this journey? — The most significant lesson Renny has learned since entering private equity is to be kind to herself and others.

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