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Supply Chain Trends to Watch Featuring Tonya Jackson with Lexmark
Episode 93712th July 2022 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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The key to resilience is purposeful risk-taking. During the pandemic, supply chain leaders had plenty of opportunities to take calculated risks… and then watch how they played out.

Tonya Jackson is the Senior Vice President and Chief Product Delivery Officer at Lexmark, and she has been recognized as a Notable Woman in Supply Chain and Logistics by Inbound Logistics. Tonya is leading the way in driving healthy tension between supply chain and R&D, introducing design thinking to the innovation process---and helping grow tomorrow's supply chain leaders, today.

In this interview, Tonya speaks with hosts Greg White and Scott Luton about:

• Why you can’t necessarily take something already in motion and just simplify it

• The importance of visibility to supply chain transformation

• What she sees as the top talent trends given today’s challenges

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