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Fertility Foundations: Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Beyond with Sandra Greenbank
Episode 3318th March 2024 • The Goode Health Podcast • Nicole Goode
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Sandra Greenbank is a fertility nutritional therapist and founder of the Fertility Nutrition Center. Sandra has 12-years experience working with countless women to get to the root cause of their fertility issues and achieve the healthy pregnancy and baby they didn't think was possible. 

In this episode, Nicole invites Sandra onto the show to explore the importance of identifying ovulation, diet modifications, reducing lifestyle stressors, addressing autoimmunity's impact on fertility and practical tips for improving fertility.

DISCLAIMER: The content in this podcast and related website is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. It is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat, instead it is designed to help educate and inspire. Always seek the advice of a professional medical practitioner or qualified health practitioner. Never ignore or disregard advice given to you based on information in this podcast or related website and do not delay in seeking medical advice. 


  • [03:58] - The power of nutrition
  • [09:14] - Understanding and enhancing fertility naturally
  • [19:08] - Addressing autoimmunity and its impact on fertility
  • [24:03] - PCOS and fertility
  • [27:11] - Launching the fertility nutrition centre
  • [32:52] - Navigating postpartum challenges and thyroid issues
  • [36:30] - Advocating for your health
  • [42:09] - Fertility tips: preparing for pregnancy with confidence
  • [46:25] - Finding balance in life and fertility
  • [50:30] - Connecting with fertility resources and support


  • The importance of addressing common health issues such as thyroid problems, fatigue, and autoimmunity
  • Preparing the body for pregnancy, including checking for nutrient deficiencies, ensuring a balanced diet, and managing stress levels
  • The role of lifestyle factors and how they can affect reproductive health
  • Why it’s vital we maintain a balance between nourishing the body and enjoying life





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