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#043 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Episode 431st November 2022 • Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba • Scuba
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Every producer wants to be an auteur. The legend of the isolated guy (it's almost always a guy) turning out hits without any outside help is as potent a narrative in the culture as there has ever been.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, aka TEED, aka Orlando Higginbottom is doing exactly that, and has made one of my favourite albums of recent memory with When The Lights Go.

He's also a thoughtful and insightful chap who recently wrote an article for Billboard which exhibited those qualities and provided the perfect basis for the discussion on this week's episode of the podcast.

Amongst other things, we talk about his journey from major label to self-releasing, the wonders of classical music, the challenges facing artists, and the need to challenge received music industry wisdom.

This was a conversation I was looking forward to immensely, and it did not disappoint.

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