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Keep Your Cellphone Out of Sight / Engage in Life!
Episode 214th February 2023 • Good Thoughts Podcast • Gary Epler
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Leave your cell phone out of sight when talking with family, friends, coworkers, and in public.

Be engaged in life. It’s one of life’s pleasures. You have healthy interactions and experience wonderful moments. This means paying attention to life in front of you. It’s having purpose in life. This means knowing what you want, what you’re doing, and where you’re going. This means being your true authentic self.

Cell phone dependency is out of control taking away positive social interaction and enjoyment. Stage 3 cell phone dependency is having the phone in your hand at all times in all places, and placing the phone face up. The percentage of these phone-dependent non-engaged people is increasing at an astonishing rate to where people don’t talk to each other and have lost healthy conversations, especially deep meaningful conversations. It’s an unwanted intrusion. Ghosting has become an easy way out leaving the other person confused, stressed out, and not able to go forward.

How to stop cell dependency? First, understand and acknowledge the negative use of the cell phone and its unhealthy effects for you and others. Second, negative phone use reflects people thinking about themselves from the stress center.

Be your true authentic self. No thinking about yourself, think from your heart with kindness to others. Think from the mind with solving problems and helping others.

Being your true authentic self will instantly eliminate all negative cell phone use.

Dr. Gary Epler