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Preston Light doesn't DO mainstream art: Abstract Expressionism
Episode 428th April 2022 • Queer 2 Queer Cast • Collin Miller
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You picked an awesome episode to dive into. Literally one of our favorite people and an important voice for unique expression in DFW stopped by the pod! Preston Light (@whatsapreston), a painter, bass player and podcast personality powerhouse, guested on this episode of the "Queer 2 Queer Cast" to tell you about how he sees the world. Whether it's the way he pulls the strings on his instruments or the way he applies paint to a canvas, this gentleman calls upon what inspires him most to create those "something specials" which are unmarred by any pressures to follow a trend. We hope that any artists listening will be inspired by this studly baritone to take the path less traveled, connect with fellow artists, and stop apologizing for what makes their vision "weird." Download, subscribe, and get a little stranger with us! Your inner-freak may just be the secret sauce of your success.

Here is the info for his upcoming Gallery Exhibition:

"Transitive Nightfall: Visual Meditations on Existence and Iridescence"

May 1st - June 14th at the Janette Kennedy Gallery

Listen to his podcast, "The Broken Lighthouse," and follow them on Instagram: @lighthauscreations

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