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Episode 43: Carrying on When Your World is Crumbling with Rob Dempsey
27th July 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett and Todd Isberner
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Have you ever felt like the cards you were dealt have led to a life filled with betrayal, disappointment and pain?

Do you ever struggle with feelings of hopelessness, abandonment or feeling unloved?

How do you not lose hope when things get really tough? Is it even possible to experience love or success after a life filled with negativity and loss?

Today, we talk to Rob Dempsey, who walks us through some amazing stories of incredible breakthroughs he's had in all areas of his life. You'll be amazed, encouraged, and well equipped to cope the next time you feel like everything is crumbling around you.

Rob's experience with loss started from a young age. He was faced with abandonment, abuse, death of a loved one and even struggled with severe obesity. Now, Rob is a die-hard radio guy on HIS Radio Network. He is a devout Christian, a community leader, a dad, and has successfully dropped more than 140 lbs.

Rob's constant battle with adversity and loss has led him down a path of resilience, triumph, and success. He is living proof of how powerful faith in God and a strong will to keep going can be.

In this conversation, you'll hear...

-Where Rob's story began...04:10

-What kept Rob going in his darkest times...10:20

  • JOY FM radio station

-About the impact that radio had on Rob's transformation...16:30

-The breaking point that launched Rob's 140 pound weight loss...19:50

-Rob's advise for people struggling to keep going...27:25

-Rob's reunion story with his birth dad...31:30

-The most influential people in Rob's life...38:45

  • President of radio station
  • Mentor at radio station
  • Youth pastor in Rob's teenage years
  • Mentor = Bill Scott
  • Jesus Christ
  • "Faithful, endurance, not giving up"

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