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How a Single Mum is Setting Out to Disrupt the Property Management Industry with Amanda Wiapo
Episode 3415th November 2022 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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There's been a few property management industry disruptors around in recent years. Some have succeeded, and many haven't, mainly because what they have to offer is cheap fees or services or software that just doesn't work. Very few have taken on the industry and taken a shot at change based on a simple lifestyle and values many property managers want to live and do business by. 

Take a look at Homely Property Management, located in the Manawatu area. Their team assists both landlords and tenants with customized property management services. Homely is reshaping the property management industry by providing a tailored and more personable experience.

In today's episode, Kylie chats with Homely co-owner Amanda Wiapo. Amanda is a single mum to three beautiful kids. So if you're curious about how she balances being a mum and a business owner without burning out, this episode answers you. 

“You'll be surprised how many people you've met in the past that will see you go out in business and start just gravitating towards you as well.”

- Amanda Wiapo

In This Episode:

- Meet Amanda, co-owner of Homely Property Management and single mum to three beautiful kids

- How does Amanda balance her time, managing her home and business? 

- What advice does Amanda have for women, especially single mums who would also like to venture out on their own? What is the benefit of doing it?

- What exciting things can we expect from Homely?

- We all know how stressful it is to be a property manager. How do you make the job more enjoyable?

- Amanda's recommended resources for personal development


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- The Growth School

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- Book a Strategy Call

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