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Episode 2: 10 Things My Mother Taught Me
12th May 2019 • Her 360 with Kae Whitaker • Kae Whitaker
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In honor of Mother's Day I thought it would be super cute to share the 10 things that I could think of rapid fire that my mother taught me that has carried over into my adulthood and my parenting of my own kids.

Now in no certain order I share the 10 things that I could think of first that I think are lessons learned from my mother in my childhood and how I think they effect me now in my parenting.

These 10 things were thought about good bad and in different and a lot of them made me giggle just a little as I was recording. I also uploaded this episode to youtube and got some views from, if that is your platform of choice.

This Mother's Day I challenge you to do the same. Whether the relationship was good or bad with you mom I'm sure there were some lessons that you aspired to be like or you didn't and define how they've played a part in the relationship that you have with your own kids to this day.

If you've got a mommy to share with send it to her and make her day, but if not, tuck them away in a little safe place of yours and review them every now and again as a reminder of the role that your mom played in your life and now that of your kids.

This was a fun exercise for me because my mother and I are thick as thieves, but I do realize that this time of year can be a challenge for some because some may not have mom physically present to share this moment with, and for you I want to say I love you and am sending comfort your way.

If you decide to participate be sure to let me know! I'd love to see if we share anything in common. Snap a quick pic of your list and post it on IG and use the hashtag #kaegetsme and tag me in it and I'll share it in my stories for today!

I hope your Mother's Day has been filled with everything you wanted it to be.

Have an amazing day mommies because you deserve it!



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