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Day 19: Mandarin Chinese Language Learning Flashback to 2018 with Von on Geopats Language Podcast
Episode 4919th November 2020 • Geopats NaPodPoMo • Stephanie Fuccio
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Learning Mandarin Chinese is difficult when coming from English. But instead of focusing on the difficulties, past Geopats Language podcast Guest, Von, tries to understand his own brain processing when he tries to grok the new elements of Mandarin. He allows for his time and hard work to pay off. His patience, ah his patience with language learning is something I remember being in awe of when we first chatted 2 years ago and I am even more so now, especially after listening to yesterday's episode on his progress since that first conversation. Here is a clip from Geopats Language from 2018 to give you a taste of what I mean.

Bonus: Von actually recorded 51 minutes of reflections on his first Geopats Language appearance. The full reflection will be in Geopats Language in December 2020. Thanks Von, for being so thoughtful and, well dammit, deep as all hell. It was fun to be in your brain for those 51 minutes!

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