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Interview with Hamish Macdonald, Managing Director, Squeak E. Clean Studios - Part 1
Episode 7124th March 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In this interview, I talk with the managing director of Squeak E. Clean Studios - Hamish Macdonald. Hamish has done a wide variety of projects in advertising, production and post-production, and manages post and production companies throughout America, Australia, England and Asia. I’m super impressed with the work his company does and having international offices allows him to create audio branding for just about anyone.  I was excited to get the chance to talk with him about his take on audio branding and what’s in store for the future of Squeak E Clean Studios.

Here are the main talking points of the interview:

  • His 10 months spent in the US and what it’s been like to be in the US during COVID
  • He’s been spending time with his team, helping with the integration of Squeak E Clean and Nylon Studios
  • Hamish is originally from Australia and will be headed back home soon for just a few months
  • He’s always been interested in production
  • After some early work, he realized he was more into finding great talent
  • Hamish fell into working and running Nylon Studios
  • Audio branding comes into play when looking at what a business needs overall
  • The merging of Nylon Studios and Squeak E Clean has been bringing the best of both worlds together
  • Hamish has loved seeing the amazing work that all his teams have done and how they work together
  • He has created a cohesive culture across all his teams and really values everyone’s individual talents
  • Depending on where the teams are located, teams’ work ebbs and flows
  • Hamish is focused on building great relationships with his clients so they can have continual work
  • Some of his most notable clients and companies he’s worked with are: Square, HP, and Campbell’s
  • Because of the pandemic, they’ve been able to continually build those relationships and create some really unique things
  • With each client, they start with who their client base is and who they are trying to reach with their products
  • The global nature of his combined companies allows for them to reach a variety of companies and help those companies reach customers around the world
  • For each project, he has all 10 of his composers write for the client to find the sound that the client likes the best
  • Hamish points out the importance of both a visual and sonic logo
  • Hamish takes us through his thought process with his team in Summer 2019 to get better at sonic branding

If you’d like to learn more about Hamish or Squeak E. Clean, you can find more info here:

On LinkedIn:

The Squeak E. Clean Website:



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