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How to Get Paid for Who You Are
Episode 938th March 2022 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Do you really know who you are? You might think that's a ridiculous question. But you would be surprised to know that many people associate their identity with what they do. In this episode, Sharran shares one of the top lessons he learned. It's the same lesson he teaches the CEOs and the mentors. It's about your identity. It's about understanding the leader you truly are. Once you rediscover your unique abilities, tremendous things will happen in your life. 

“The fastest way to understand who you are is to understand why people love you.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00  A lesson worth sharing

00:49 Your beliefs shape your actions

03:12 This is probably the BIGGEST realization you can ever have

04:00 Have you noticed your emotional state when meeting childhood friends?

05:05 Here's the $10K SHIFT you've been waiting for

07:18 The danger of doing things that are not congruent with who you are 

08:10 A question for you


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