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Event Seven
Episode 213rd June 2022 • The Storyteller Series • Night Shift Radio
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"Event Seven" by Alicia Cay (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)

"Brann Creasey watched Amelia Earhart’s plane burst into flames for the tenth time that day... but right as her plane nosedived, a line of static appeared with a sharp flash of... something."

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Narration is done by Sophie Flack

Brann by Joseph Bozlinski

Richard by Corey Holland

Jag Jacobson by Mike Wyant Jr.

Marlow is by Leah Ning

Bartender and Random Guard by Michael Cherniak

News Reporter by Amy Wyant

Debra by Emily Colley

Random Scientist by Todd Panek

Samuel by Caleb Coy

Nurse by Elise Stephens

And the Doctor is played by Josh Coy

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The Storyteller Series is a podcast bringing back classic radio theatre featuring engaging storytelling delivered to you monthly. We produce full cast productions of original short stories in an audio drama style. Welcome to an audible journey. The Storyteller Series Podcast is part of the Night Shift Media Group. Visit them on the web at

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